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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

How to Change the Blog Description Font Color in Blogger

Those new to Blogger often ask about how to change the blog description in a Blogger blog. In today's Blogger tutorial I show you how to modify your blog description using the Template Editor to change the color of the font. If you have made changes to the background color of your header you may also want to change the font color of the blog description.

If you want to learn how to change the font style or change the look of the text please see my Blogger tutorial on how to change the font size and font style of the blog description.

How to Change the Color of the Blog Description
Before you start ensure you have blog description enabled on your Blogger blog. This tutorial assumes you have a default Blogger template installed on your blog. If you are using a custom template these instructions may or may not work depending on the coding of your custom Blogger template.

  1. Log on to Blogger and navigate to the dashboard of your blog

  2. From the left hand menu select "Template"

  3. On the Templates page under "Live On Blog" select the "Customize" Button

  4. From the left hand menu select "Advanced"

  5. Click on "Blog Description" currently the 5th item in the menu

  6. Under "Description Color" choose a color from the suggested palette or from the drop-down menu or type in the color code if you know the hexidecimal value eg #FFFFFF for white and #000000 for black.

  7. Notice that the changes you make can be seen in the live view below. When you are satisfied with the color scheme you have chosen save your changes and click View Blog. Please note that you might not able to see the changes in live view mode if you are using a custom template. In this case you will need to save the changes and then click view Blog to see the applied changes.

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