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Monday, March 30, 2009

Solution to Missing Add a Gadget Feature in Blogger

If you are experiencing problems with the Add a Gadget feature not showing up in the Layout Screen of your Blogger Blogspot blog then read on as I have found the solution to this annoying problem.

The other day I discovered to my horror I had lost the option to Add a Gadget in the layout screen of all my blogs in Blogger. Typically it couldn't have happened at a worse time as I had just planned to sit down to write some new posts. I looked in the Blogger help section for the solution but could find no reference to the problem. I eventually found the answer, after about 15 minutes, buried in the Blogger Help Group section. I thought I would therefore post a short tip for anyone out there looking for a quick answer to the loss of the Add a Gadget function from the Layout Screen.

Clear Your Browser's Cache
When the Add a Gadget feature is missing from you Layout screen and you have tried refreshing it probably means you need to clear the cache of your browser. In Internet Explorer 6 you would go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options from the drop down menu. In the dialog box that appears select the General tab and then click on the Delete Files from the Temporary Internet Files Section (middle). Once done close the dialog box and refresh the Layout Screen in Blogger. With any luck you will now be able to see the Add a Gadget option once again. For other browsers follow the directions in the browser's help section on clearing the cache or check out Bloggers Help Article about clearing cache.

Thanks to the Blog Doctor for this solution. You really saved the day!

A short tip on how to fix the problem of add a gadget missing from the layout screen in Blogger.

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Richard M. said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I thought I was losing my mind.

Doesn't GOOGLE OWN Blogger? You'd think a company like Google would be on top of glitches like that.

The Whizz said...

Yes it's surprising that Blogger haven't cottoned on that the Add a Gadget feature not showing up is such a widespread problem and added the solution to the general Blogger help pages. I guess it's stuff like this that justifies why Blogger help sites like mine are necessary. Glad to have saved you from losing your mind!!!

Blogger Plug n Play said...

Thanks man you saved ma life :)

The Whizz said...

Thanks for joining my followers Blogger Plug n Play

Katy {and Kahler} said...

I don't suppose you have any other suggestions, do you? I've tried this and it's not working.

So frustrated!

The Whizz said...

Kahler and Katy I am wondering what template you are you using? I could take a look at it if it is still a problem.

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